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Exness is the one and only broker offering Unlimited Leverage
Enter the world of limitless possibilities
Pioneering the provision of Unlimited Leverage in the forex market, Exness empowers you with never-before-seen leverage for Cent, Mini, and Classic trading accounts.

Trade with negligible margin

Open more positions and bigger lots

Try more strategies
How to enjoy Unlimited Leverage?
With great power comes great responsibility. Standing at the forefront of a market breakthrough, we are well-aware of our duty to make Unlimited Leverage safe for you. To ensure that, we've come up with a quick checklist of conditions, all of which must be met before Unlimited Leverage can be offered.
Conditions of Unlimited Leverage
Loss prevention_white
For high market loss prevention
Less than 1000 USD equity in account
Trading experience_white
For ensuring sufficient trading experience
Traded at least 10 positions (excluding pending orders). This can be the total sum of positions from all real accounts in a client’s Personal Area.
Risk managment_white
For ensuring risk management knowledge
Traded at least 5 lots (500 сent lots). This can be the combined volume from all real accounts in a client’s Personal Area.
Please Note: Unlimited leverage can be used at all times, with the exception of when new positions are opened during particular periods where margin requirements are higher.
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